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A Space Nerd’s Trip To The USA

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ASHLEY MARLES first joined CAS in 1978 while he was still at school. He has kept his interest in astronomy alive since then,  with many achievements such as building his own observatory (more than once!!!), studying Physics and Astronomy at UC, being the paid observer at the Townsend Observatory, and generally encouraging others to share his enthusiasm for all things astronomical. In the middle of last year he and his wife Raewyn flew to the USA ostensibly to view and photograph the Solar Eclipse on 21 August but also to catch up with family. He took the opportunity to visit a lot of the places on his bucket list and the result is a fantastic array of photos that any space nerd would be jealous of. Come and listen to Ashley talk about the places and people they met on their trip (not your usual holiday snaps)!

This is a GREEN meeting.

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A Space Nerd’s Trip To The USA

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