It’s that time again folks! The Canterbury Astronomical Society will be running its public open nights throughout Kidsfest and this year is going to be awesome with Mars, Saturn and Jupiter high above us during the evenings of July.

We will have all our normal fixed telescopes running plus a host of telescopes on the terraces. So come along and get a personal tour of the skies, check out the planets and a host of other deep sky objects.

Learn how about our neighborhood and the locals in our own solar system, check out the arms of our own spiral galaxy, find out what a globular cluster is, how stars are born and die, or join us in hunting for galaxies far far away!

Tours run every night weather permitting. Now the great news is that we have made our tickets all one price this year to make it a truly kids focused event!

Tickets are just $7 each plus booking fee. We have tried to make this as cheap a deal as we can – so grab a kid(s) and come along – might not even be your own – just get permission to borrow a child OK! We’d like to give the kids a chance so please don’t book childless 

Spaces are limited so don’t delay – tickets on sale now!   Subscribe to our site or Facebook page and keep up to date with all the latest news and event information.

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